A Guide to Anal Sex Toys

So you have finally decided to move a little ahead in your sex life and go for anal sex toys; I am glad you took this decision because anal sex is as beautiful as the other types you do in bed with your partner. However, this is not the type of sex that you do with just anyone; it is said that people enjoy anal sex only when they have partners they are deeply connected to. If you have one such partner, consider yourself lucky.

Before you buy your very first anal sex toy, here are a few things that you need to know:

  • Take a look at e-stores that are into sex toys: The good news is that you don’t have to be embarrassed by visiting land based stores anymore; there are hundreds of e-stores that you can explore. Take as much time as you want to because no one tells you anything when you go through galleries of e-stores.
  • Read about various anal sex toys: There are a lot of anal sex toys. From anal beads to anal vibrators, there is nothing that you don’t wish to own for your anal sex needs. Read about all of them.
  • Try starting with anal beads: Anal beads are the prettiest things you can own. If you want to feel great, begin with small beads and move ahead with the larger ones.
  • Move to anal vibrators if you are already comfortable with anal beads: Anal vibrators make you feel awesome and completely out of the world. If you know how to use one, you can get the best out of your anal sex desires.
  • Learn about vibrating butt plugs: Vibrating butt plugs are other great things to own if you are looking for something that’s neither too small nor too large. Let it vibrate down there.
  • Get comfortable with your partner by buying toys with him: It’s time for you to buy toys with your partner. Let him sit next to you and give an opinion. After all, you guys would be using the toys together!
  • Explore as many e-stores as you can: You can’t visit all the e-stores that are into sex toys, but you can surely visit at least a few. Visit good and trustworthy e-stores and explore different toys that are especially designed to meet your anal sex needs.
  • Choose toys that are safe and good in quality: You have to search for those toys that are high in quality; you can’t take a risk. Hence, go for those toys that are manufactured by well-known companies.
  • Choose an attractive color: If you are fond of a specific color or if there’s this special color that turns you on, try buying anal sex toys in that color. Your favorite color would get you in the right mood.
  • Don’t forget to buy a good lubricant for your first time anal play: Along with anal sex toys, don’t forget to buy a good anal sex lubricant as you would need it in your first time experience.


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